Iodinated Density Gradient Media

Bjørn Henriksen graduated in biochemistry at the University of Oslo in 1974. His M.Sc. concerned the effect of 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1 nitrosourea (BCNU) on the nucleic acid synthesis in Ehrich ascites cells.

After working five years in a local Norwegian Company marketing products from Bio-Rad, Sigma Chemical, Dako, Dynatech and others, Bjørn Henriksen joined Nyegaard & Co (later Nycomed, Axis-Shield, Alere Technologies AS and Abbott Diagnostics Technologies AS where he spent 40 years working with density gradient media. Bjørn Henriksen retired from his position at Abbott Diagnostics Technologies AS February 2020. During that period he had responsibilities for development, sales and marketing of products like Lymphoprep, OptiPrep, Nycodenz and Polymorphprep.