Iodinated Density Gradient Media

Dr. John Graham has more than 50 years of expirience in centrifugation techniques.

John Graham graduated in biochemistry (1965) at the University of Liverpool and his PhD at the same University concerned the binding of  sterols in membranes. This work involved the purification of all the subcellular organelles from mammalian liver and it laid down the foundation for his interest in fractionation techniques using centrifugation.

A period of two yeas in the Department of Biological Chemistry at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) was followed by 5 years at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, UK.

After a long Collaboration with Professor Charles Pasternak at the University of Oxford Biochemistry Department, Professor Pasternak invited John to join him in the new Department of Biochemistry of St. George's Hospital Medical School, where he stayed from 1975 until 1989. In 1978 he began an Association With David Rickwood and later, Terry Ford at the University of Essex. This Association began with the running of technical training courses in centrifugation techniques and later with development of applications related to Nycomed's iodinated density gradient media.

In Januay 1994 John Graham was hired as a consultant for Nycomed (later Axis-Shield, Alere Technologies AS and Abbott Diagnostics Technologies AS. He continued in this position until he retired by the end of 2019.