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  Iodinated Density Gradient Media



Important information: The Reference Lists are divided into Cells (RC), Macromolecules and macromolecular complexes (RM), Subcellular membranes (RS) and Viruses (RV). Scroll down the Index (below) to find the biological particle(s) of interest. Then click on the relevant Reference List number (not the title) to open a link to the text.


RC01  Mononuclear cells, monocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes

RC02 Purification of platelets from whole blood/removal from leukocyte preparations.

RC03 Viable/non-viable cell separation

RC04 Purification of pancreatic islets 

RC05 Dendritic cells from blood and tissues

RC06 Isolation of cells from brain and spinal cord 

RC07 Hepatic and pancreatic stellate cells

RC08 Hepatic non-parenchymal cells: Kupffer cells, sinusoidal endothelial cells (and other liver cell                     types)

Macromolecules and macromolecular complexes

RM01 Analysis of plasma lipoproteins

RM02 Proteo- and DNA-liposomes -  methodology and bibliography

Subcellular membranes

RS01 Purification of nuclei from tissues and cells 

RS02 Purification of peroxisomes from tissue and cells

RS03 Purification of miitochondria from tissue and cells

RS04 Purification of lysosomes from tissue and cells

RS05 Analysis of membrane trafficking in tissues and cells: fractionation of ER, Golgi, TGN, PM and                   endosomes

RS06 Lipid rich detergent-resistant domains from cells, tissues and organelles

RS07 Detergent-free strategy for lipid raft isolation from mammalian cells, tissues and organelles

RS08 Purification of caveolae 

RS09 Purification of lipid Rich membranes from non-mammalian sources

RS10 Mammalian (including all chordata) cell exosomes and other microvesicles from, tissues, cells and           conditioned mediumj

RS11  Extracellular vesicles from non-mammalian sources

RS12 Endocytosis -a bibliographical review

RS13 Resolution of soluble cytosolic proteins from membrane vesicles and organelles; a bibliography

RS14 Purification of organelles and membranes from non-mammalian eukaryotes

RS15 Purification of subcellular organelles and membraned from Saccharomyces


RV01    Group I viruses

RV02-1 Group II viruses (Section A: rAAV papers to mid-2018; Section B: all other Group II viruses to                    2020

RV02-2 Group II viruses (only rAAV papers published after mid 2018

RV03    Group III viruses

RV04    Group IV viruses

RV05    Group V viruses

RV06    Group VI viruses

RV07    Group VII viruses     

RV08    Unclassified viruses and surveys